Cleankeys® keyboards can be fully cleaned and disinfected.

Cleankeys®  keyboards can be fully cleaned and disinfected.

The keyboard surface is made of hard-wearing GorillaGlass® and it offers a high degree of user comfort.

The keyboard surface is made of hard-wearing GorillaGlass® and it offers a high degree of user comfort.


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Cleankeys® is the brand name for highly functional designer keyboards that have a touch surface made of glass. Well-engineered high-end features, a premium design and powerful functions are the key features of the keyboards, which are a 'must have' for any up-market environment. Cleankeys® products enjoy an excellent reputation in exclusive laboratories, specialist medical practices, clinics, cosmetic centres, design offices and private households.

Cleankeys® keyboards were first introduced on to the international market in 2009. The developer and manufacturer was Cleankeys Inc. based in Canada; the launch immediatly struck a chord with customers. The simple concept involved bringing together design and specific benefits for users in a persuasive manner.

Cleankeys® - technical features and design

The result were beautiful keyboards, which are also very easy to clean and disinfect. The CleanSweep software accompanying the keyboards enables users to individually set or check the necessary cleaning cycles. CleanSweep monitors the degree of dirt on the keyboard and is therefore the ideal complementary tool. This means that all the Cleankeys® keyboards are the first choice for any environment requiring both high aesthetic and hygienic standards.

Quality made in Germany

The release of the third generation of products took place in 2013; these keyboards now combine the advantages of all the previous models. At the same time, GETT took over the production of these units and all the global sales rights. The Cleankeys® brand has obtained additional momentum in terms of quality assurance and optimisation at GETT. The market penetration of the keyboards has increased as a result of GETT's closely knit sales network and the units are continually becoming the premium standard in all sectors with demanding environments.

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*(for CK3-15 & CK3-17 models only)

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Cleankeys CK4 - the easy to clean keyboard

Our CK4 and CK4W Cleankeys® keyboards with glass surface for best medical hygiene

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