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Our mission

Who we are:

As a developer and manufacturer of HMI hardware, we already offer our customers and partners the best possible operating solutions for their field of application and operational environment.

This may range from individual components to turnkey systems, which use any kind of HMI technology. This involves acting within the framework of our long-standing three-fold success formula – it is based on quality, technical expertise and flexibility.

We create individual products and solutions, even in very small quantities, by having an effective manufacturing system with a high degree of in-house production.

This enables us to support our customers and partners with the highest quality levels as they move towards ever increasing diversification. 

Our vision

What we wish to achieve by 2020:

The process of digitisation in every walk of life is continuing without any sign of abating. This particularly affects the interface between humans and machines.

In the light of the large and growing variety of operating technologies, we are planning to continue to grow to become the leading designer to bridge the gap between actual customer needs and the best possible HMI solution

We are therefore tackling the challenge of not only mastering the established and innovative HMI hardware technologies, but also the technologies of the future for our customers and partners.

By providing this all-embracing expertise, we will manage to support our customers in a proper, responsible and reliable manner as they move into the 2020s. 

Our values

What is important to us:

  • Tolerance and respect at the workplace
  • Work geared towards high quality and specific targets
  • Doing business in a responsible and long-term manner
  • Promoting and continuing to develop our employees
  • A willingness to innovate and sustainability

GETT Gerätetechnik has recently been classified as a «Company promoting tolerance».

“This distinction is for companies and branch offices in Saxony, which promote integration, diversity and tolerance against discrimination and racism.”

We place great importance on our employees’ intercultural skills – tolerance, respect and integrity are crucial in our daily dealings with each other. We will only succeed in working efficiently and developing innovative solutions if we work together.

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December 17, 2020
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