Backlighted glass control panel

Backlighted glass touchpanel with integrated projective capacitive touchscreen and single capacitive switches

Workstation in a brewery
Touchpanel in a typical industrial environment
Mobile handheld
Glass control interface with integrated sliders
Individual keyboard with integrated speakers
Backlighted membrane keyboard
The construction of a stainless steel keyboard
Silicone keyboard with plastic keycaps and a plastic front
Single capacitive switches with glass surface

The general trend towards differentiating technical systems dictates our adaptation work on the necessary components. Any systems, which are manufactured exactly to meet a customer’s needs in small, medium or large batches, automatically require individual data input devices too.

User interface technology is particularly susceptible to these dynamic forces. The starting points for any development work affect the shape, switching technology, functionality, usability and design. As we combine these criteria, the customer obtains the best possible user interface solution, which strictly meets its requirements.

This process starts with the original idea and progresses through the draft outline, development and production stages until the equipment is put into service. The ideal result of this fully customised system is a technically mature product, which it is almost impossible to copy because it is unique.

The GETT “Special solutions” department has a great deal of experience involving hundreds of “made-to-measure” projects in a wide variety of fields of application. The driving forces behind the success of this strategic department are its technical expertise, an exclusive focus on customers’ needs and living out a philosophy that solutions are possible.


We provide this technologies

 Customized keyboards

  • Flexible membrane keyboards and keypads
  • Industrial keyboards with aluminum front plate
    and membrane overlay
  • Stainless steel keyboards and keypads 
  • Silicone keyboards

 Customized input systems

  • Complex Touchpanels with all touchscreen
    technologies (resistive, capacitive, SAW e.o.)
  • Mobile computing devices
  • Control interfaces with glass surface


  • Industry and automation
  • Healthcare and food processing industries
  • Transportation and traffic
  • Public systems and security
  • Building automation

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