Illuminated control concepts

Illuminated control concepts

  Illuminated control concepts

It is essential to provide lighting for data input devices and components if visibility is poor. This covers fields of application like mining, control and driving panels for transport purposes, studio technology, military technology, operating theatres or outdoor information systems. However, aesthetic requirements are playing an increasingly important role too. Examples of this include point of sales areas, exhibitions and conferences, intelligent furniture items or technical building services.

Various technologies are available for illuminated operating controls and they enable us to provide any kind of lighting. GETT can integrate almost any kind of lighting technology. This ranges from focussed illumination for a button to diffuse background lighting for design elements and even a complex lighting concept for control panels with a touchscreen. Attractive, sophisticated options are available if we use more modern technologies like organic LEDs (OLEDs) or transparent, light-conducting foils (light guides) and integrated combinations (e.g. LEDs with diffusing panels). 

In addition to simply handling the lighting, GETT also develops the necessary control and regulating elements to manage the brightness levels, the colour selection, the symbols displayed by the light and the automated mechanisms for switching the lights on and off.


Types of lighting

  • Illuminating symbols
  • Complete lighting for key surface
  • Perimeter lighting for the control elements
  • Background lighting for the complete user interface
  • Back lighting for design elements
  • Combining various types of lighting
  • Direct or difused lighting

Lighting technologies

  • Using LEDs in various colours and technologies (for direct and indirect lighting)
  • Electro-luminescence films
  • Light-guide foils (transparent foils with light refraction through roughening at individual points)
  • Light conductors
  • OLEDs
  • Deffusing panels and plates
  • Light shafts

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