Keyboard with an individualized design

You can individualize our keyboards by having your logo printed on them or by using an individual design for the keyboard layout.

Keyboard with a modified country layout

Our keyboards can be used all over the world with a modified country layout.

Individualized keyboards from GETT

Membrane keyboards are ideally suitable for use in the medical sector thanks to the special surface with its antimicrobial effect.


Individualized keyboards from GETT

Multiple modification options to meet customer requests

We offer a large number of options for individualizing our keyboards in line with your wishes. In order to keep the costs and processing period as low as possible for you, our modifications are based on existing standard products and therefore do not have to be newly developed like customized items. 

Here is a selection of our modification options that are used by many customers: 

Individual design and layout for your keyboard 

You can individualize your keyboard in line with your wishes by having your own company logo printed on it or by visually changing the layout of the keyboard and therefore integrating it perfectly into your current corporate identity. There are almost no limits to individual visions. This individualization of a keyboard is in practice extremely suitable as a unique distinguishing feature. Your product then becomes unmistakable and original.  

To enable our keyboards to be used by people from all over the world, we can equip them with any existing country layout. 

Membrane keyboard with a washable surface 

Keyboards are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and germs. This gives rise to potential risk situations for medical or other hygiene-sensitive areas like operating theaters, hospitals, laboratories or food production equipment. Keyboards therefore need special properties for use there. They are also dust-proof and splash-proof and can therefore be thoroughly cleaned with great ease. 

You can achieve the following effects, for example, by using a membrane keyboard with an antimicrobial surface: 

  • Protect patients and personnel from germs
  • Protect employees
  • Improve the overall hygiene situation
  • Prevent nosocomial sicknesses (“hospital infections”)
  • Provide cleanliness and hygiene at public information points too
  • Shorten patient treatment times by reducing any exposure to bacteria

Short USB cable and modifying the key table 

Our portfolio of individualization measures for our standard products is firstly supplemented by the opportunity of using a shortened USB cable. Secondly, we can offer a modification of the key table in line with the HDI standard – then various functions can be displayed on the keys. The keyboard can then be perfectly adapted to your individual needs. 


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Laser inscription

We laser-inscribe keyboards and user interfaces individually - ranging from specific country layouts to company logos

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