InduSense® is our brand for capacitive operating solutions. The spectrum ranges from individual capacitive buttons to complete operating panels on a “touch” basis. As part of the InduKey brand family, the items represent top quality and technical excellence. All the products and solutions within this brand are developed and manufactured at our company headquarters. In addition to individually designed solutions, we offer standard capacitive keyboards, which are ready for use and insertion.

The brand’s wording consists of “Indu”, which universally stands for “industry” or “industrial”, like all the initial syllables within the brand family; “Sense” signifies the degree of physical sensitivity. “Sense” here refers to the easy, gentle touch of a (glass) surface in order to trigger a signal. This applies to both capacitive keys and capacitive touch screens. 

Capacitive operating solutions are currently one of the fastest growing data input technologies. Driven by touch-based user interfaces on mobile consumer terminals, they are also increasingly finding their way into commercial, medical and industrial applications. We have been following this trend for many years and are therefore able to meet the demands of our customers in terms of both development and production.



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