5 years later... woof-woof!

company dog Molly

5 years, growth in sales of 36%, a global increase of 51 employees and 29 channel partners – and the expansion of the GETT Group with its new business sites in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, a move in the USA from New Jersey to Houston, a new organizational structure and, what is particularly important, three years of our company dog later…

Allow me to take the liberty. My name is Molly and I have just hacked into all the online channels at GETT on the quiet. The colleagues from the marketing department keep publishing nothing but these serious and boring product, human resources and event photos. I wanted to stir up this bland content with my own specially stage-managed portrait. I specifically arranged a photo session with our company photographer. We needed just four minutes to take this model-like photo – and we did not even have to use Photoshop… but I am digressing.

I would like to dedicate this mail to the managing directors and the employees at GETT. 

The GETT employees expressed their gratitude to Steve Möckel, Tino Pietzsch and Pierre Beer by presenting them with a cup to mark the fifth anniversary of our management team, which is leading the company during its second period. And this is not just any old cup, but a unique item; it was made by our in-house production department. – You can see the excellent piece of craftsmanship between my paws. As the managing directors spend a great deal of time with me (and who could blame them?), I know how much pleasure, surprise and gratitude they will experience as a result of receiving this treasure.  

I myself am delighted to have been part of the GETT team for three years and to have grown up with you. You are wonderful colleagues, a strong company and we are moving into very exciting times!

Best wishes,

PS: Dear marketing department, please change your “mollyisthebest” password. It is far too easy to crack!

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