#GETThe bees back - GETT wishes you a happy Easter

#GETThe bees back - GETT wishes you a happy Easter

Hello, my name is #Beecool 

As you may well have heard, my friends and I are having quite a hard time. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer areas for us with delicious flowers. And if we don’t have any food, there sadly won’t be any honey for you either.

GETT heard about our predicament and is therefore giving each of its employees a little bag with wildflower seeds for Easter. Once they’ve been sown, we’ll have a real feast in the summer! GETT is making an important contribution to maintaining my species through this initiative. It’s actually a secret, but rumor has it that they’re planning to build some new “houses” for me and my buddies. Let’s see what happens! 

My friends, GETT and I wish you all a happy Easter and enjoy the chocolate Easter bunnies 

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