Home sweet Office

Home sweet Office

Fewer emissions, better air quality, cleaner waterways – while we might still complain about the restrictions that the Coronavirus has caused, our planet – our home – seems to be heaving a sigh of relief.

One of the reasons for this is the restriction on travel and freight traffic, as well as the fact that some industrial production has been either cut back or come to a complete standstill.

Fortunately, industry is now picking up speed again, albeit very slowly.

What has changed for the better, however, is the increased trust employers have in their employees – think home office or mobile working – which has greatly contributed to the recovery of both our environment and our work climate. ;o)


A “Homie’s” Life

I’m Online Marketing Manager at GETT and also became a full-time “homie” due to Corona. And what can I say? Thumbs up! 

In figures, I would put it like this:

From a tranquil nest in the Ore Mountains, the Erzgebirge, I drive 50 km to my workplace in the even more tranquil village of Treuen in the Vogtland. There and back makes 100 km. Extrapolated over the year, this results in about 180 trips, which generate about 3.5 tons of CO2 emissions. 3.5 tons of dangerous crud from just one person!

Because I like my colleagues so much and face-to-face meetings are sometimes absolutely necessary, I have still been “visiting” (at least that's how it feels) GETT again 1-2 times a week since the beginning of June. The CO2 emissions caused by my commuting to work has been reduced by 2.6 tons to only 0.9 tons a year. Another positive side effect of the reduced trips is I have to fill up less. On average I save about 100€ of fuel per month and the reduced mileage means I also pay a lower car insurance premium. So much for the hard facts.


Good for Body and Soul

Let us turn now to the less concrete aspects of being a “homie.” Commuting 100 km means 1.5 hours wasted every day. I'm saving that now. That means 1.5 hours more time for family, friends, dog, sports, errands ... and more importantly, I'm livelier. As I am an early bird but still don't like to go to bed with the chickens, I now get enough sleep, which in turn makes me more focused and effective.

But being a “homie” has its pitfalls too. Always having the tools of the trade at hand risks using them all the time. In the beginning I answered mails, prepared posts and wrote texts on the sofa in the evening. Several admonitions from my boss and family later, I disciplined myself. Now there are also fixed working hours and breaks at home. You may hardly believe it, but it works wonders.


A Converted Management

Our management used to be, let's say, rather conservative on the subject of home offices. But shouldn't employees be measured less according to their monitored presence and more according to their performance?

Even during the Corona time, our management has been able to answer this question with a very clear "YES!” Apart from the production department that kept the “shop” running on site, almost the entire company switched overnight to working from the couch at home. ;o) Herr Pietzsch, Herr Möckel and Herr Beer virtually placed some of their power in the hands of the staff. With success! It didn’t take long for them to reap the fruits of their trust. The productivity and efficiency achieved from home were immense.*

Enthusiastic about this result, GETT is now copying the big players such as Google, Facebook, Deutsche Telekom and Co. and leaving it up to those who can do their work from home to decide whether they prefer to work there or at our head office in Treuen.

Our bosses are also living the new “workplace without borders” themselves and have even moved out of their offices. The now vacated premises are being converted into additional meeting rooms or co-working stations.

Like the management and I, many of my colleagues appreciate the advantages of the home office and the autonomy it gives them. Considering that many of the new “homies” have a similar commute to work as I do, the CO2 savings mentioned earlier add up dramatically.

Thus, GETT is not only taking a big step towards digitalization with new working models, but also making an enormous contribution to climate protection - GETT(a)cleanenvironment.

*And still are!

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