A keyboard serving the aerospace sector

A keyboard serving the aerospace sector

Telespazio VEGA Germany GmbH is an aerospace company. The firm, which employs 350 people, has been developing IT solutions for the aerospace sector for 40 years.

However, even here, where only the most modern technologies are used and the latest innovations are created, the company faces a very common challenge – hygiene at workplaces, as Marco F., an employee with many years of experience, knows only too well.

He and his colleagues work different shifts in a kind of command center. The crux of the matter is that several employees share one PC workstation. In order to comply with the company’s hygiene rules and protect themselves from being infected by various sicknesses, the workplace – and particularly the data input devices – are cleaned and disinfected every time that there is a shift change.

This cleaning process is made easier because a Cleantype Easy Basic keyboard is used. As Marco F. explains in a brief interview, the fact that the keyboard can be deactivated is a huge benefit. As a result, it is not necessary to switch off the PC during cleaning. This saves valuable time and the colleagues can quickly concentrate on what is really important. It is also possible to clean the keyboard with running water – if the IT specialists’ “gasoline” – i.e. coffee – may have dripped on the unit.  

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