STERTOUCH®PRO – a matter of sterility…


STERTOUCH®PRO – a matter of sterility…
STERTOUCH®PRO – a matter of sterility…

Just try operating a keyboard that is wrapped in a traditional plastic bag…

There is only one thing that is more intriguing – trying to read something on a monitor through a plastic bag!

Does that sound like a joke?

This is exactly what happens in many operating rooms around the world every day, whenever surgeons have to operate on patients in sterile conditions. Because it is almost impossible for doctors to use machines, an assistant has to take over this task for the them. However, there are many moments when it would be better for the surgeons to operate the units themselves. This is mainly true of dentists, neurosurgeons or those working in the plastic surgery field. 

If you use the patented multi-layer film known as STERTOUCH®PRO, you will have crystal-clear vision and complete ease of use in 100% sterile conditions. The film means that any point becomes a sterile operating environment in an instant! 

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