We are GETT- An Interview with Candy Döring

Candy Döring, the head of quality assurance

We are GETT- An Interview with Candy Döring
We are GETT- An Interview with Candy Döring

The same old boring routine every day?

Not for Candy Döring, Head of Quality Assurance at GETT. He describes his work in quality management as a bag of surprises. He and his team guarantee that “Made in Germany” quality is a reality at GETT every day.

A brief interview with…

GETT: Mr. Döring, thank you very much for taking the time to give us a short interview.

How long have you been working for GETT?

Candy Döring: Since July 2017. However, the time has absolutely flown past since then. I started working as the technical quality manager and am now responsible for the complete quality assurance work. As a result, I’m part of the operational management team, which consists of two colleagues and myself. Together, we’re responsible for the complete in-house production work and therefore for about 100 employees. Nicole Luderer, is also part of the operational management team and she was the first colleague to be interviewed publicly as part of the #WEAREGETT series.  

>> Read the entire interview with Candy Döring here!

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