We are GETT- An Interview with Candy Döring

Candy Döring, the head of quality assurance

 We are GETT- An Interview with Candy Döring
 We are GETT- An Interview with Candy Döring

The same old boring routine every day?

Not for Candy Döring, Head of Quality Assurance at GETT. He describes his work in quality management as a bag of surprises. He and his team guarantee that “Made in Germany” quality is a reality at GETT every day.

A brief interview with… 

…the head of quality assurance in the production division, Mr. Candy Döring.

It is time for another session of #WEAREGETT.

GETT: Mr. Döring, thank you very much for taking the time to give us a short interview.

How long have you been working for GETT?

Candy Döring: Since July 2017. However, the time has absolutely flown past since then. I started working as the technical quality manager and am now responsible for the complete quality assurance work. As a result, I’m part of the operational management team, which consists of two colleagues and myself. Together, we’re responsible for the complete in-house production work and therefore for about 100 employees. Nicole Luderer, is also part of the operational management team and she was the first colleague to be interviewed publicly as part of the #WEAREGETT series.  

G: What are your main tasks?

CD: To put things simply…, I guarantee the quality of the goods that come into our building and the quality of the items that leave the GETT factory again.

Quality is an absolute priority for us. This strict quality policy has also ensured that we’ve enjoyed the status of being a quality leader for years. No components and no finished products make their way into our warehouse or to our customers without first being checked.  

G: Which challenges are you facing at the moment?

CD: The conflicting priorities between the changing demands of suppliers and customers, but also of our employees and their qualifications mean that my work is never boring. Each week is rather like a bag of surprises. (laughs) 

G: You worked in the field of quality assurance even before you joined GETT. Are there any differences here that make your work easier, compared to your former employers?

CD: GETT itself is naturally very much geared to the future, innovative and flexible. But I believe the greatest advantage is the flat hierarchy, which makes it easy to discuss matters with management. Decisions are made quickly and without complications; as a result, there are no unnecessarily long delays to work procedures and this contributes to a high degree of customer satisfaction. 

G: I’m sure it’s OK to mention that you’re the father of two children – i.e. things aren’t boring in any area of your life. How do you strike a balance between your private and professional life?

CD: I appreciate the family-friendly working hours provided by my employer. Flextime enables me to organize my private life in the best possible way. Aside from the fact that I’m the father of two children, I also have a house and a garden to care for and look after. To relax, I enjoy walking or cycling in the evening or at weekends.   

G: Thank you very much for giving us some insight into your private life!

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