We are GETT- An Interview with Jana Standar

Head of Business Unit Channel Products - Jana Standar

We are GETT- An Interview with Jana Standar
We are GETT- An Interview with Jana Standar

We practice the principle of “We are GETT”!

We are taking this opportunity of presenting a strong lady in a management position in our new #WEAREGETT-series – the Head of the Business Unit Channel Products, Jana Standar. 

GETT: You originally worked in Bavaria for a long time. What made you move to Treuen in 2015?

Jana Standar: After spending more than 20 years in my previous job in purchasing, the time was ripe to pack my bags and plan my return to my home region.

G: Why did you specifically join our company?

J: At the time when I was thinking about stepping out in a new direction in my career, I was browsing through some press items from the Vogtland region and I kept reading about GETT Gerätetechnik in Treuen in various newspaper articles. This new line of business appealed to me and the fact that I could support a regional corporation with my work. I sent off a general application and was able to start working as a sales assistant a short while later, in what was then known as standard sales.  

G: You were first promoted to sales manager for Germany relatively quickly and later even took over as manager of a whole division.

J: Yes, I’ve had the overall responsibility for the so-called Channel Products Devision for just over a year. It covers our complete portfolio of catalog products for a very wide field of applications and we market them through B2B channels. The division consists of two teams within the corporation – Strategic Product Management and Account Management with a strong international orientation. We currently have three vacancies that we need to fill in these departments.

G: What jobs are we talking about specifically?

J: We’re looking for a member of the internal sales team, a strategic product manager and an account manager.  

G: For those new to GETT… What motivates you to come to work every day, Ms. Standar?

J: What particularly motivates me is the GETT team. We really practice the “We are GETT” principle here! The people who work for GETT are always open and ready to help. I also enjoy being able to actively shape things in conjunction with my colleagues.  

G: What does that mean?

J: The corporation has enough courage to explore new horizons and even invest in new ideas. Each one of us is able to shape the direction that we are taking. At GETT, individual teams are the ones that forge ahead with changes. 

G: What do you particularly like about GETT and what distinguishes us from other corporations?

J: In addition to the points that I’ve already mentioned, I’m tremendously excited about the corporation’s increasing internationalization. I’m fascinated to watch the ongoing development of our affiliated companies in Hong Kong and Houston and my team and I are working hard to expand our global network of partners. What particularly distinguishes GETT, compared to other corporations, is the openness to new things, which I’ve already talked about, and the fact that our managers are always prepared to discuss matters with employees.

If you would like to become part of Jana Standar’s team, write her an e-mail j.standar@gett.de 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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