We are GETT- An Interview with Marcel Vettermann

Marcel Vettermann, Head of Projects Division at GETT Gerätetechnik

We are GETT- An Interview with Marcel Vettermann
We are GETT- An Interview with Marcel Vettermann

A man who is as good as his word 

Marcel Vettermann is not a man of many words, but rather a man of action. He says what he means and fulfils his promises. Today we have the opportunity of getting to know the head of a complete business division as part of our #WEAREGETT series. We hope you enjoy the entertaining interview; after all, it puts things in a nutshell simply, briefly and concisely, true to Marcel’s character.   

GETT: Mr. Vettermann, tell us a little about yourself and your work at GETT, please. 

Marcel Vettermann: I’m 34 years old and have already spent 7 of them at GETT. I learned about the Vogtland corporation when somebody recommended it to me at the beginning of 2012 and I joined the firm shortly afterwards as its sales manager. I now fulfil a dual role: I head the projects division and also work as a process management adviser. The latter role means that I’m responsible for cross-department coaching for various internal operational procedures.   

G: The projects division spends its time producing customized operating solutions. Tell us about the structure of your team and what role you play in all this?   

>> Read the entire interview with Marcel Vettermann here!

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