We are GETT- An Interview with Mr. Mildner

Mr. Mildner, Head of the Milling Shop Department

We are GETT- An Interview with Mr. Mildner
We are GETT- An Interview with Mr. Mildner

“From the project to programming” – there is no time to “GETT” bored!

Mr. Mildner, the Head of the Milling Shop Department, gives us some exciting insights into his everyday working life today. He works closely with many departments at the company. Depending on the order book situation and projects, he constantly faces new challenges and tackles them with great enthusiasm. The interview with him shows how varied the work in the milling shop at GETT is.

GETT: “Mr. Mildner, how did you come to take up your current position at GETT?”

Mr. Mildner: “I’ve been working at the corporation since 2016. I heard about a vacancy for the head of the milling shop department at GETT through a private recommendation. I was very excited about this management position, so I applied and got the job. Following a brief familiarization period of 2-3 weeks, I was able to fully take over the leadership of the department.”

GETT: “That sounds like an impressive start, but it also involves a great deal of responsibility. Which areas were the most challenging, but you still managed to cope with them?"

>> Read the entire interview with Mr. Mildner here!

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