We are GETT- An Interview with Ms. Luderer

Produktionsleiterin Frau Luderer

We are GETT- An Interview with Ms. Luderer
We are GETT- An Interview with Ms. Luderer

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We will be regularly giving you exclusive insights using the #WIRSINDGETT hashtag and introducing the people behind the scenes at GETT.

Become more familiar with the corporation, its philosophy or your new colleagues in the future. Discover more about the extremely varied fields of activity and development opportunities, but also about how people spend their leisure time.

Today you will learn more about our production manager, Ms. Luderer. 

GETT: Ms. Luderer, how long have you been working for the GETT corporation?

Ms. Luderer: “For 12 years. My attention was initially drawn to GETT Gerätetechnik through a private recommendation back then.”

G: That’s a long time. Did you start working as production manager at GETT straightaway?

L: “No, I started working as a production employee in 2007 and gradually continued developing as the years passed.”

G: What do you mean by that?

L: “After initially working as a production employee, I relatively quickly started filling in for any employees who were absent and spent 50% of my working hours in the work preparation department. I later became the head of department there. I have consistently become responsible for more and more areas of production since then. I now manage the complete production work up to, but not including the quality assurance operations.”

G: What are the key tasks in your everyday work? 

L: “I manage and organize the production and am responsible for ensuring that production runs smoothly. Our goal is to supply all the orders on time, with the correct quality, within the budget and with the right quantities.”

G: That sounds like a lot of work with little time for any leisure activities…

L: “In addition to my ‘role’ at GETT, I’m also a wife and mother. That demands my full attention and energy too. Sport is my ‘stress valve’ so that I can balance things out and feel relaxed again if things become hectic. I go to a regional sports club twice a week. Apart from this, I enjoy being at work because being with my colleagues feels like being part of a huge ‘GETT family’.” 

G: Thank you very much for the interview, Ms. Luderer!

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