But what do we actually do in winter – hibernate?

But what do we actually do in winter – hibernate?

My name is Beecool and my colleagues and I have belonged to GETT since last year.   

But what do we actually do in winter – hibernate?  

No, of course we don’t. As soon as the frost comes, we all join the winter cluster (the “winter hug”). Our queen is located in the middle of it, on her throne, as it were, and well protected. She has nothing to do at this time, as her breeding period stops during winter. In contrast, my colleagues on the outermost layer of the cluster generate heat by vibrating their muscles. To do so, they must have enough food. The food that is stored in the honeycomb in summer and autumn is used for this. This helps us maintain a constant temperature of at least 25°C inside the cluster.   

If the outside temperature rises above 12°C, our cluster breaks up and we start our cleaning flight, where we empty our bowels. After that, we form a new cluster again. So be careful in spring when you hang your washing on the line! 



Greetings, #Beecool 

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