Operating technology 'Made in Germany'

InduKey´s and GETT´s headquarter in Treuen, Germany

The GETT headquarter in Treuen, Germany

  Operating technology 'Made in Germany'

Managing Directors Tino Pietzsch, Pierre Beer and Steve Möckel


GETT is one of the leading providers of professional operating technology that is 'Made in Germany'. As a hardware specialist, we manufacture high-quality products and solutions for industry, commerce and the medical sector.

We develop and produce both assembly groups and complete, turnkey operating solutions using our own 'InduKey' brand. We fabricate the products by hand at our own manufacturing base. As a result, we are in position to even handle minimal numbers of individual items for customers.

Quality is our top priority. No component makes its way into our stores without being checked; and no product makes its way to a customer without being tested. Our strict quality policy has ensured that we have had a reputation as a quality leader for years.

The 'Standard products' division offers one of the largest assortments of data input devices that are ready for use. Industrial and washable keyboards for any field of application are the key elements here. The range is completed by installable products  like trackballs and touchpads.

The 'Customised products' division comprises the complete work package for individual operating solutions ranging from the idea to commissioning the system. We make us of all the common and innovative technologies in the field of data input. Our portfolio ranges from mechanical keyboards to complex touch panels  within a frame.

The 'Services' division provides all the in-house production work and services as a single service. This enables customers to gain direct access to the relevant production department. The following departments are available for customers: R&D services, extensive production services and the assembly of printed circuit boards.



GETT has taken over the global production and sales rights for the renowned Canadian keyboard brand Cleankeys®.


The company is sold by management buyout to previous Authorized Representative Tino Pietzsch, Finance Director Pierre Beer and Purchasing Manager Steve Möckel.


The fiscal year closes during the period with a further increase to 16.4 million euros. The company GETT Gerätetechnik GmbH employs 150 employees including the production.


In the year of the global economic crisis, a globally experienced sales specialist, Erwin Götzl takes over the management.


The GETT Group increases its turnover to 14.1 million euros. The employees participate with an additional 72,000 euro pay-out.


Due to an increase in turnover of 25 percent, the expansion of the floor space for the buildings is required. Now GETT use already 2,500 m² in the industrial area Treuen.


Within one year, the GETT Group increases the number of its employees from 29 to 63 and generates a turnover of 6.8 million euros.


InduKey was founded as a registered trade mark from GETT. InduKey stands for professional premium keyboards and mice.


Establishment of a new company building with 1,000 m² of floor space in the industrial area at the central ring in Treuen, Germany.


Company GETT founded in Treuen as a company specialized in the commercialisation of keyboards of different technologies and manufacturers.

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