Compact capacitive keyboard supplements Cleankeys® range

Cleankeys® CK5

Compact capacitive keyboard supplements Cleankeys® range
Compact capacitive keyboard supplements Cleankeys® range
Compact capacitive keyboard supplements Cleankeys® range

An XXL touchpad for maximum operating comfort

Treuen. – GETT has now developed another capacitive keyboard with a glass surface to continue its famous Cleankeys® series. The model is known as the CK5 and supplements the CK4 series, which is already a success story in the market. The CK5’s new features include much smaller dimensions and an extra-large touch pad that can be switched to form a numeric keypad. The shape and design make the keyboard perfectly suitable for use in hygiene-sensitive environments. GETT manufactures the CK5 at its corporate headquarters in Germany; the wired version will be available from October 2019 onwards.

The CK5 is primarily geared towards customer needs. It is true that the CK4 series launched market models to fully meet all the requirements for capacitive keyboards eighteen months ago. However, the new model series now addresses customers preferring more compact dimensions and a larger keypad. “We’re listening very carefully to what the market’s telling us. That’s why we’re using the CK5 to fill a clear gap in requirements in the high-end segment for hygienic keyboards,” GETT CEO, Pierre Beer, explains.

Despite being only 405 millimeters long and 167 millimeters deep, the CK5 has a full key layout. A new kind of technology, which combines the numeric pad and touch pad with each other, makes this possible. A key enables the operating area on the right-hand edge of the keyboard to either be used as a touch pad or a numeric pad.  Despite the keyboard’s compact dimensions, an extra-large touch pad measuring 76 x 90 millimeters is therefore available. This provides plenty of space for fingers to glide over the keys. Not even silicone or latex gloves impair the judder-free movements of the cursor.

As available in the CK4 series, the new model maintains the clearly structured operating layout, the variety of functions and the flat keyboard case. Features like a keylock button, volume and sensitivity settings with the relevant status displays have now become the standards when typing on glass surfaces. According to GETT Product Manager, Romy Ludwig, the corporation has placed a great deal of importance on perfect and particularly relevant functions. “It’s possible to fit all kinds of features into a highly developed device like a capacitive keyboard,” she explains. “However, in the end, it must be suitable for the user and practical applications. That’s why we’re focusing on the core functions and are seeking to achieve the greatest possible usage value.”

The surface, which is made of special glass that is only one millimeter thick, also makes it possible to completely clean and disinfect the CK5 quickly. Apart from protecting patients and users, this provides increased effectiveness for cleaning cycles. The reverse side of the flat, elegant casing has two openings with internal threads so that the keyboard can be attached to all the VESA inserts. 

The keyboard will be available with all the most important country layouts from October onwards. Other layouts and individual graphic symbols will be introduced on request. The CK5 will be equipped with a USB cable in the first release; a wireless version is already being prepared. The purchase price is lower than for the CK4 models. In addition to the statutory warranty, GETT grants a four-year guarantee on electrical functions when the unit is purchased. In addition to investment reliability, the CK5 provides technical safety. Certification verifies that it meets the latest EMC Directives in DIN EN 60601-1-2 Edition 4 and it can therefore be used in combination with or close to other technical devices without any hesitation. 

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