Flat, elegant, up-to-date - Keyboards with a glass surface now available

GETT - Keyboards with a glass surface for insertion in devices and systems.

Treuen. – The HMI specialist GETT is bringing a new range of capacitive panel mount keyboards on to the market now. They are ideally suited for simple integration in machines, devices and other user surfaces. The keyboards have a full alpha-numeric layout, an integrated touch-pad and special function buttons. They have the following advantages: a completely flat and sealed surface and touch operations, where mechanical switch elements are completely missing.

3 mm thick, thermally hardened white glass is used as the operating surface. It firstly has a high degree of inherent rigidity and, secondly, a high degree of resistance to breakage. The graphic layout is printed on the rear using ceramic colours, which enable a colour selection in line with RAL, Pantone or HKS. The glass that is printed in this way is then glued to the electronics with an adhesive layer so that it is dust-free and bubble-free.

The electronics consist of a main circuit board with the individual sensors (buttons) and a controller board that is superimposed. Sensor areas are arranged on the main circuit board and they form electrical fields and act like a capacitor plate. These fields penetrate the glass and therefore simulate the keys. If a user touches a field, the capacity changes and this triggers a signal. The unit has a USB interface so that it is ready to be inserted or connected.

The keyboards are used where clearly distinct and physical touch keys are required in contrast to software-generated operator interfaces. This is the case, for example, if the input of alpha-numeric characters is not supposed to take place via the touch screen on the monitor (on-screen keyboard). The GETT models also have special buttons to lock the keys and individually adjust the operating sensitivity and the volume of the keys.

Simple gluing can be used to integrate the keyboards. Relevant adhesive media and hints on assembly are available in the technical data sheet. Insertion is possible in almost any machines, devices, apparatus, consoles, furniture items and panels made of glass, metal, artificial stone or wood. If the unit is integrated properly, IP 65 protection rating can be achieved.

GETT offers a version with a numeric keypad using the TKR-103-TOUCH-ADH label; the unit is 482 mm or 19 inches long. The TKR-0860-TOUCH-ADH model is a more compact version without a numeric keypad.  Almost any kind of personalisation is possible in addition to the standard available layouts – even if the order only involves small quantities – ranging from a simple logo to a graphic user interface with an individual design throughout. GETT can also handle special glass measurements with different degrees of finish, if required; this even includes producing a front operating panel with an integrated keyboard and display section.

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