GETT Group in Treuen sets new records

Managing director Pierre Beer

GETT Group in Treuen sets new records
GETT Group in Treuen sets new records

The leading provider of professional operating technology that is “Made in Germany” reports record levels for sales and volumes of orders

Treuen – Three employees took over the leadership of GETT in a management buy-out three years ago and turned the company based in Saxony into a successful global player. The world-wide GETT team with its managing directors, Pierre Beer, Tino Pietzsch and Steve Möckel, broke through the EUR 21 million mark for sales at the conclusion of the 2017/2018 financial year at the end of June. Their recipe for success consists of a mix of ongoing employee development, clear customer orientation and the readiness to constantly adapt as a corporation.

The sales achieved by the firm and its employees, who number more than 200 around the globe, rose by EUR 3.5 million to a figure of EUR 21 million in the 2017/2018 financial year. This growth of 20 percent compared to the previous year is the result of a management strategy that is consistently geared towards success. Customer requirements, employee training, process changes and investments are tackled in an all-round manner to achieve this. GETT has made the correct preparations for expansion in order to continue being one of the major flexible players in the top league. GETT branches in the USA, China and Hong Kong are promoting the business locally on a broad front.

The hardware specialist manufacturers and markets high-quality operating solutions to meet the requirements at the interface between humans and machines or between humans and digital systems. The input systems, which are certified and conceived by the company’s development department, are suitable for various industrial sectors, the medical field and other lines of business; they range from ready-to-use special keyboards to complex touch operating systems. Major international corporations like Siemens are increasingly demanding the latter solutions from GETT.

Obtaining regular feedback is a standard procedure at the Saxon company so that it can consistently keep customer satisfaction in its sights, even during times of growth. Customers from different manufacturing sectors were questioned about improvement potential during the financial year that has just ended. 93 percent endorsed the high-quality solutions and praised the flexibility that GETT uses to adapt to their sectors – ranging from electrical suppliers to medical apparatus engineering. “We’re already implementing the design suggestions made by customers to provide support in our internal process and structural organization. We’re establishing a new, independently acting Global Key Account Management department for large, rapidly growing international customers,” Pierre Beer explains. He continues, “We’re taking the increase in supply requirements into account in our production department by using new planning software in the technical work preparation division, for example, more machine investments and optimizing assembly procedures too.”

Speaking for all three managing directors, Pierre Beer summarizes the success in the 2017/2018 financial year in this way. “We’re created a strong management team that reflects a common vision and has achieved these results with all the employees by demonstrating a great deal of expertise, motivation and an appetite for taking risks. We’re delighted to be able to write the next chapters in the GETT success story with this team.”

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