Individual capacitive buttons that light up

Individual capacitive buttons that light up

Platform technology enables individual modifications

Treuen. – GETT Gerätetechnik has developed an illuminated capacitive button, which has been specially designed to accommodate individual modifications. The button is geared towards integrators in the industrial/commercial field, where standard solutions rarely meet all the specific requirements. It is suitable for glass thicknesses measuring up to 6 mm.

The button that lights up is a printed circuit board measuring 40 x 40 mm with a sensor area. There are five LEDs assembled on two opposite sides; they are white in the basic version. In order to ensure that the emitted light is dispersed harmoniously and evenly, a 2 mm thick diffusing lens is laminated on to the sensor area.

The operating surface (normally made of glass) has transparent partial printing at the point where the light is supposed to shine through. This may vary in its intensity and be more or less translucent, depending on the requirements. The LED light dispersed via the diffusing lens shines through this layer. The button requires a 24-volt power supply. There is either a TTL output (5 volts, 1 mA) or a photoMOS relay (60V/550 mA) for the signal output.

The button can be integrated behind the data carrier or the operating front using a small double-sided adhesive surface; there is no need for any mechanical attachment. However, it is essential for the button to be bonded in an airtight, dust-free, grease-free and moisture-free atmosphere. Even the tiniest elements trapped can easily disrupt the capacitive field.

Integrators often express the wish to have access to ready-to-use individual capacitive buttons. However, the highly varied parameters, which stem from the environment where they are used and which cannot be covered by a standard solution, must be taken into account. The individual capacitive button from GETT is therefore designed to form a reliable technological basis for individual modifications. The thickness of the front material, the temperature and environmental conditions or the sensitivity of the button are just some of the factors that need to be taken into consideration during the individual development work.

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