InduProof®Pro – the new “all-in-one” keyboard for clean jobs!

InduProof®Pro – the new “all-in-one” keyboard for clean jobs!

Treuen. – GETT is extending its range of washable keyboards* with a new model. The InduProof®Pro supports the requirements of any strict hygiene policy in the medical or health sectors or the food industry in the best possible way. Its surface is completely waterproof and dust-proof and can be fully cleaned and disinfected. It can be attached to magnetic surfaces in a flexible manner and is suitable for dimmed working environments, as the keys can be illuminated to various degrees.

The InduProof® Pro helps to reduce problems with germs and prevent the risk of hospital viruses being passed on through keyboards. Its flat design and the silicon frame enable users to fully clean and disinfect the unit. As a result, bacteria and germs can neither cling to the keyboard nor multiply. The so-called “clean mode” key makes it possible to temporarily switch off the key and touchpad functions to prevent any unintentional commands during cleaning operations.

The InduProof® Pro has technical features, which significantly expand its range of functions. For example, users can illuminate the keys to four different degrees. The standard colour of the LED is red. The keyboard can also be attached to almost any magnetic surface at an angle of up to 90° from horizontal as a result of its in-built magnets. An integrated capacitive touchpad handles the mouse functions. The divided space bar and the gentle, but precise key strokes provide a pleasant feel for people using the unit and support touch-typing.

 The product, which is manufactured in Germany, also provides a convincing result with its robust design and long-lasting quality. The all-in-one solution can be adapted to almost any customer requirements. We can individualise the keyboards with graphical options like logos as a private label version and various country layouts.

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