Service: IK impact protection

Service: IK impact protection

  Service: IK impact protection

The IK impact protection classes apply in line with DIN EN 50102 and provide information about the degree of protection against any impact.

We ourselves conduct the so-called IK test, also known as the “ball drop test”, on our premises in our test laboratory, depending on what customers request. The degree of protection against any impact is the result of pre-defined sudden exposure to energy, in this case a ball. The bracket and the ball are connected to each other with a magnet. Once the magnet has been disengaged, the ball falls on the test object from a height of up to 1.30 m (see photo). The drop height and diameter of the ball vary – depending on the requirements.

We not only test keyboards, but also touch displays. The condition here is often that the glass may break, but the touch film must remain intact and therefore be stable (not tear).


There are ten types of protection:

Type of protection
Impact energy (Joule)
IK00  -
IK01 0,14
IK02 0,20
IK03 0,35
IK04 0,5
IK05 0,7
IK06 1
IK07 2
IK08 5
IK09 10
IK10 20

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