Service: Instructions for the safe insertion or safe mounting of keyboards

1. Do not touch parts that are energised:

When inserting keyboards in frames or other mounting units, please ensure that they do not touch any parts that are energised and do not come in contact with any components that are live.

2. No sharp tools:

When inserting a keyboard (flat versions) or mounting a keyboard (frame versions), do not use any tools that are pointed or have sharp edges; this will ensure that you do not injure people or damage the keyboard.

3. Don´t use force:

Do not apply any force to the keyboard; otherwise there is a risk of deforming or damaging the unit.

4. Secure and properly mounting:

a) Please ensure that the attachment or mounting point for the keyboard is secure..

b) Assemble flat versions properly with the fastening screws .

c) Place the frame versions in a position so that they cannot slip or fall
(take note of any slopes on tables, desks etc.)

5. Connecting cable:

a) Only connect the keyboard to a data interface that fits the connecting cable
   (normally a USB or PS/2 port).

b) Position the connecting cable in such a way that it is not twisted or jammed.

c) Position the connecting cable in such a way that it is not under any tensile stress.

6. Don´t adopt any awkward physical posture:

Install or mount the keyboard in such a way (height, distance from operator) that the operator does not have to adopt any awkward physical posture when using the device.

7. Properly fitting of the seal:

For flat versions: ensure that the seal that is supplied is fitted properly (evenly laid and no distortion); otherwise it may not be possible to guarantee the envisaged seal tightness.

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Insertion Instructions TKF-085b-…-Module Keyboards

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