Service: mounting instructions for TKV stainless steel keyboards

For ensuring proper functioning of the TKV vandal proof keyboards  the following mounting instructions must be observed.

The stainless steel housing of the keyboard must be connected to ground for protection against interference. For this, two mounting options are possible.

1. Insulated mounting:

In condition as supplied, this connection is established by the shield wire of the connecting cable. In case of insulated mounting no further measures are required.

2. Mounting in electrically conducting system components:

If mounting in metal boards (machines, systems, switch cabinets, process control systems, etc.) is intended, the shield connection of the stainless steel housing of the keyboard should be interupted (see below) in order to prevent non-permissible circulating currents in the shield wire (ground loops) due to potential differences.

The occurrence of potential differences between the keyboard housing and the shield being too high must be avoided as well. For this reason, equipotential  bonding is recommended by using a green/yellow cable having a sufficient cross-section. This cable is installed between the system part of the installed keyboard and the power supply unit of the computer.

For disconnecting the shield wire, first, loosen the bolts of the base tray. then, carefully remove the base tray and exchange the metallized strain relief element with the plastic strain relief element screwed on the carrier plate. It must be ensured that the crimp ferrule is centered in the clip. The strain relief element must be fixed in the same position again. Finally, reinstall the base tray.

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