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Reliable protection is essential whenever there is an epidemic or pandemic. The GETT®SAFE face protector protects its user and people in the vicinity from any infections that are spread by droplets and are transmitted by talking, coughing and sneezing.

The protective visor is a special help in everyday medical situations where it is impossible to maintain a minimum distance of 1.50-2 meters to prevent possible infection because of the nature of the work. However, wearing a GETT®SAFE face protector is also highly recommended in other areas where you are in close contact with other people every day.

To be absolutely safe, you can wear a face mask under the visor too without any problems. 

Doubly safe!

The face protector prevents the wearer of the visor from touching his or her face unnecessarily! People often touch their face without realizing what they are doing – and our hands are the main way of spreading sicknesses. According to researchers, up to 80% of infections are transmitted via our hands.

Did you know?

GETT has specifically cleared production capacity to manufacture the  GETT®SAFE face protectors during the corona pandemic! The company managers became aware of a video produced by the Sächsisches Klinikum in Görlitz; the head of the emergency department there uses the video to provide step-by-step instructions for manufacturing protective visors. It was made available on social media. 

As it is becoming increasingly difficult to purchase personal protective equipment around the globe, the managers want to help protect medical workers and others from the dangerous virus.


  • Visual cleaning reminder after 10,000 keystrokes by means of a signal LED
  • A keylock function prevents keys from being inadvertently triggered during cleaning operations
  • Comfortable touch because you can configure the sensitivity individually
  • Ergonomic way of working thanks to the keyboard’s negative tilt
  • The case does not have any sharp corners or edges
  • The aluminum case remains rust-free and therefore has a long serviceable life
  • The glass keyboard can be washed and disinfected and therefore meets high hygiene standards
  • A compact key layout with an integrated touch pad
  • A USB port for mouse or peripherals
  • Innovative “Made in Germany” engineering


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