Induproof Smart Pro: All-in-one keyboard with illumination, magnetic mounting and IP68 protection

 Washable keyboard with Key lock button The INDUPROOF PRO - a hygienic and medical keyboard The keyboard is completely washable and disinfectable Illuminated keyboard Magnetic mountings
  • Can be fully cleaned and provides comfortable typing
  • Locking key to prevent any incorrect commands being triggered
  • Adjustable illumination
  • Magnetic mountings to attach the unit to magnetic surfaces in a flexible way
  • Individual modifications on request


Order numbers:

Article Nr. Features Layout
Backlit Magnetic
KG21254 X X German
KG22203 X X US / EU
KG22278 X X Switzerland
KG23216 X X Czech
KG23239 X X French
KG22283 X X Italian
KG22279 X X Scandinavian
KG22281 X X UK English
KG22286 X X US / Arabic
KG22227 X German
KG22228 X US / EU
KG23240 X French 
KG22225 X German
KG22226 X US / EU
KG23241 X French 

Other country layouts on request

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Hygiene Certificate

Our Induproof Smart keyboards are certified for hygienic sensible applications.

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