Technologies suitable for hygiene-sensitive areas

We have been handling individual operating solutions at the human/machine interface for more than 23 years. We are well aware of the conditions that exist in hygiene-critical areas where our units are used – in medicine, pharmacy, laboratories or even care homes. As a result, the requirements placed on the devices used there are particularly high. The operating procedure must be precise, reliable and intuitive. The most important criterion is the ability to thoroughly clean and disinfect them to prevent any contamination and transmission of germs. The devices also need to be protected so that no dust, germs or liquids and fats can penetrate them.

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Why are special operating panels required in medical settings?

There is not only an increased risk of infection in hygiene-critical situations when an epidemic or pandemic is raging. Particularly high levels of pathogens occur there all year round. Complying with strict hygiene measures is one of the most effective weapons against unnecessary infection. These standards have often been defined, but in practice they are not always followed because of a lack of time and human resources. This can cost lives. As many as 20,000 people die in Germany alone as a result of hospital germs every year.

We need to prevent this!

Operating solutions are drastically underestimated as sources of germs in the everyday medical world. Gaps and grooves are ideal places for pathogens to gather unnoticed and multiply. This is particularly disastrous for people with a compromised immune system, in intensive care units, for example. It is vital to remove any sources of danger, which could worsen people‘s state of health.

In order to prevent invisible sources of danger, special technologies are required to manufacture devices that are used in medical settings. This is the only way to ensure that viruses and bacteria have very little chance of surviving and effectively prevent the transmission of infectious diseases.

Contactless Technologies

Optical touch buttons NEW

DThe contactless button works by means of a special technology and has three different states: standby, approach and activation. They are displayed by brightness and color. It is possible to activate the contactless button whether you are wearing gloves or not and this guarantees maximum hygiene at the place of use.

  • All the benefits at a glance:
  • Contactless, contamination-free activation
  • Excellent EMC properties
  • Can be wiped down, even when operating
  • No wear and tear
  • Attractive features: variable activation distance, backlighting, several colors (LEDs)

Speech controls NEW

Thanks to this technology, operating the unit is intuitive – your hands and eyes can focus on what is essential. The user has no physical contact with the operating technology. The speech controls work without any connection to the Internet. As a result, data remains private and safe.

  • All the benefits at a glance:
  • Contactless activation
  • Contamination-free and sterile operations
  • Live documentation of tasks and processes
  • Particularly fast controls; precise commands and complicated menu navigation is unnecessary or unnecessary
  • The technology is even suitable for integration with lightweight, mobile devices

Low-contact Technologies (Touch, Multitouch)

Capacitive operating technologies

These are surfaces that the user can operate by touch, but without exerting any pressure. The technology enables a flat structure and both glass or other non-conductive materials, like polyacrylic or polycarbonate, are suitable as the cover material.

All the benefits at a glance:

  • An enclosed, smooth surface
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and dirt
  • No mechanical wear and tear
  • Possibility of waterproof and dustproof integration
  • High degree of individual design possible

You will find our portfolio of ready-to-use glass keyboards HERE.

Capacitive buttons

In comparison to mechanical keys, capacitive buttons are flat, not subject to any mechanical wear and tear, easy to clean and disinfect, visually appealing and can be integrated in existing systems without any difficulty. Capacitive buttons use individual sensors that develop electric fields. This field penetrates many materials – but glass is the most popular.

All the benefits at a glance:

  • Individual settings for key sensitivity; enables low-contact operations
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and dirt
  • No mechanical wear and tear
  • Attractive features: backlighting, several colors (LEDs)

The Classic Products

Silicone keyboards

Silicone mats are particularly resistant, reliable and there are almost no limits to the design options. The colors and shapes of the key caps can be freely defined. The silicone mats are made of highly elastic, toxin-free silicone rubber.

All the benefits at a glance:

  • A robust surface
  • Resistant to water, dust or oil
  • Can be completely washed with normal cleaning agents and disinfectants
  • High degree of resistance to abrasion
  • Assembly using adhesive film on the rear

You can find our portfolio of ready-to-use silicone keyboards HERE.

Membrane keyboards

Membrane keyboards are the most frequently used input devices in apparatus engineering – and they are still the first choice in medical settings. It is possible to have haptic feedback on a resin basis or apply tactile paint, in addition to classic key embossing. Membrane keyboards are normally integrated by being pasted into the system.

All the benefits at a glance:

  • A robust surface
  • A flat installation depth
  • Space-saving, compact control panels are feasible
  • Attractive features: liquid-repellent coatings, lighting options, use of UL-certified materials

You can find our portfolio of ready-to-use membrane keyboards HERE.

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